digital cinema utd. strive to adhere to all laws, regulations and agreements we have made to protect the intellectual property of our customers assets. We have a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to try and do best we can to meet or exceed our obligations.

The support of all employees is necessary to achieve compliance with these laws, regulations and to protect our customers assets and the business. At times there may be ways we can improve or people may not be following the procedures we have put in place and we want to know about these ideas or breaches of policy as soon as possible.

All employees of digital cinema utd. are encouraged to bring any areas where we could improve or where people are not following the procedures in place to the attention of the company. If any alleged unlawful activity is occurring we would also ask you report that straight away. Once you make a report please provide the company with a reasonable opportunity to investigate and correct the alleged unlawful activity.

You can talk to your manager or if you prefer log your points via this anonymous reporting system.
digital cinema utd. pledge that all submissions using this system are truly anonymous, are handled with integrity and will be fully investigated. Report Anonymously: