DCU brings together a full suite of technical content services that ranges from production right through to final distribution. DCU services


Production Services

DCU’s service model starts with production. We work with producers to conform post assets and create the primary source files that act as the fundamental backbone for the global deliverables of distribution. Services include digital cinema, audio and home video mastering with full QC.

International Servicing

The next stage in the supply chain requires global servicing. DCU works closely with international sales agents to make sure delivery schedules comply with distributor expectations before starting the process of asset creation for delivery. DCU provides DCP versioning with full localisation, home video materials, broadcast deliverables and all digital distribution files complying with up to date specification sheets for all different content platforms.

A key advantage for DCU is it’s international reach with 12 locations around the globe, providing not only great local service solutions but most importantly, 24/7 service support.

Global and Local Distribution

Distribution keeps changing and therefore DCU built a trusted global network that caters for both multi-territory and local distribution. This link in the supply chain enables studios, majors and mini-majors to self distribute across various territories via our widespread network whilst simultaneously bringing local service solutions to independent distributors from within each territory.

DCU owns and operates distribution services from the USA, Brazil, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Russia, UAE, South Africa and Singapore. This global footprint covers all major regions and brings the best in hybrid distribution (physical and electronic) to all DCU clients.

Digital Distribution

The final piece of the content supply chain comprises of digital and downstream distribution services. DCU’s home entertainment division has authored, encoded and delivered 1000’s of DVD, Blu-ray and VOD titles for clients to major retail chains as well as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, Hulu and many other digital platforms.

Distribution Software

DCU offers software solutions that help automate and streamline the distribution process. KeyStream is a multifunctional KDM booking tool that enables clients to generate and manage their own keys with full distribution automation supported by a global trusted device list and round the clock global support.

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