Got Apps?

Digital Cinema United (DCU) provides exclusive levels of access to some of the most powerful industry software available today. With content security powered by CloudKDM, from testing, to planning, to booking, to settlement, Digital Cinema United's app line-up is second to none.

DCU Connect is a globally secure, cost-effective, and reliable cloud-based DCP content delivery platform for distributing feature films, movie trailers, event cinema content, and cinema advertising to movie theaters in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

The DCU Connect platform was developed to allow for fast, easy installation at movie theaters utilizing existing infrastructure, while maintaining top tier security measures through delivery and providing live status of deliveries.

Content security is one of DCU’s top priorities, that’s why DCU built CloudKDM, a revolutionary KDM generation tool that protects DCPs. CloudKDM provides a client user interface that enables international distributors to generate their own theatrical keys against DCU’s globally updated Trusted Device List.

CloudKDM can connect to existing booking platforms for automation, or be used as a standalone application by local distributors to generate keys. If you want to prevent piracy, use DCU’s CloudKDM.

For decades, film distribution has been a murky guessing game. That ends now. Introducing CinemaCloudWorks, an intelligent theatrical distribution system that removes blind spots that have plagued the film industry for years.

CinemaCloudWorks is an intuitive cloud-based end-to-end theatrical planning, booking, and settlement system. In other words, your film's distribution starts and ends right here.

iScreeningRoom conducts secure online test screening for feature films, trailers, music videos, television shows, commercials, and more. iScreeningRoom test screenings focus primarily on accurately identifying the “who” and “where” of your target audience while uncovering any potential weaknesses in your production.

Whether you're a major studio looking to test an upcoming wide release, or an independent filmmaker in search of critical feedback, iScreeningRoom is your most reliable source of objective deep-dive analysis, release plan development, and much more.

DCU offers clients introductory access to Exeest, a content management system and virtual market all in one place. Whether an independent producer or studio, modernize the way you organize, share, sell and deliver in a centralized digital hub with best-in-class security.

Easily manage your content details, availability (manually or through an API) and review real-time analytics to reach buyers globally and do deals faster. All buyers are pre-screened and verified so clients have the most secure experience providing private screening links within a streaming ecosystem or displaying their titles in e-marketplace, 24/7.


Digital Cinema United® looks forward to serving you.


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